Jeans and Machine Embroidery Testing

Testing machine embroidery designs on old jeans is great.  There is no need for stabilizer because it is so thick and there is no cost for the material, which reduces the cost of machine embroidery substantially.machine embroiderymachine embroidery

However, if I was embroidering on a non-test garment, I would still use stabilizer as the jeans do stretch, but as you can see from the pictures, there was no distortion at all from the stretch. The down-side is that these gorgeous designs really do not look very pretty when stitched out, but I can clearly see how beautiful they will be on just the right garment. They are Mary’s Graduation Dress designs from Martha Pullen.  The dress is just amazing.  Who would think that my blue jeans designs would make a dress as glamorous as that one.  That’s for another project and post when I actually turn these designs into something fabulous to wear.

But look at these poor old jeans. Not much left of them.  Now I only have an entire box 3′ x 2′ x 2′ left to use up.  I guess that’s the benefits of having nine children – so many used jeans.

jeans cut