Marathon Quilt

Marathon runners train for years to compete in a race over 26 miles long.  In my mind, it is just unbelievable that anyone can run that far!  I see people in the ancient of days having to run because they have no other mode of transportation, but seriously to do it willing.  Obviously, I did not inherit my mother’s genes on that one.  She began running in her forties. Ugh, I was still having my eighth and ninth child.  It was the farthest thing from my mind.  I was just getting through the day, but she began winning prizes for her competitions in the master division.  She would later move on to competing in Taekwondo and become a four-time world champion in the master’s division.  Isn’t she wonderful!  She has a whole room of trophies, pictures, medals, t-shirts and paraphernalia that she has won.  What to do with it all?  Well, she bequeathed her running t-shirts to me. knowing I could make a t-shirt quilt out of them.

It was my first t-shirt quilt and I did not stablize the knit fabric because I wanted it to be soft and supple for her to cuddle up with and fondly remember her days of being a winner, but in hindsight, I would have as it caused me a few problems that would not have occurred if I had used it.  She is happy with it and that is all that matters.  You may not be able to see the detail of the t-shirts, but they are arranged in chronological order starting in 1977 and includes several European races.  She asked that I include the Michigan t-shirt that she wore training to represent where she was born and raised.  Congratulations Mom! I am honored that you trusted me with your legacy. YOU are a winner extraordinare!

moms quilt