Stitching Sisters Sewing Event

Back in May of 2012, Becky (my daughter) and I attended a sewing event that was hosted by Schiller’s Sewing Circle (where Mike purchased my Babylock embroidery machine).  It was a wonderful two day event that allowed us to make twelve different projects ranging from monogrammed napkins to t-shirts.  Becky was the youngest in attendance and as you can imagine all those older women just thought she was wonderful (of course, so do I). During the show-and-tell part of the second day, she displayed her beautiful free-standing lace bowl that she made from a Suebox design that was absolutely free.  It is a gorgeous lace bowl that won the hearts of everyone, including the two women (the Stitching Sisters) who led the event.  They commented that she was the next up and coming Stitching Sister.  What a compliment!

Here are two excerpts from our family blog that were contemporaneous.

Beck and Mom Sewing

We attended a two day sewing event to learn new techniques for our sewing machine.  Oh, we are having so much fun and “sew” many sales.  Even the food is delicious – breakfast, lunch and two full snack times.  We sewed 5 projects together today as a team and we go back tomorrow for another 7.  You’d think we’d be tired of sewing, but we both came home and worked on our sewing projects.


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