Welcome to this new blog about sharing machine embroidery and sewing projects with you.  I have been sewing on a new Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold for about 18 months, but I am blessed to have been sewing since I was 10.  I have a few projects  created with this machine of which I have taken pictures and will be sharing them in the order that I created them, then I will try to be current.  I would love to have you subscribe to my blog and would especially love your comments.  Please tell me what you honestly think.


For those of you who are interested, here is the original post that I wrote about my new machine that has been excerpted from our personal family blog.

Domestic Help

In today’s day and age, most of us do not use domestic help, but actual we all do – even the poorest of the poor (well not the homeless).  Think about it. We use all those large appliances such as washers, dryers, and dishwashers.  These would have been a whole entourage just to do those three chores in our house on a daily basis, let alone all the little appliances such as the toaster and mixer. Now what about the light bulb?  It’s kind of like the ethnic joke of “how many would it take?”  In this instance, it is so true.  How many light bulbs do we use daily and just take them for granted.  This would have been a candle that was first made, then lit all by someone else’s hand.

My personal favorite is my sewing machine.    How many ladies would have been up sewing all night just to get me a garment the next day? She is so dear to my heart because she was the first thing that Mike purchased for me for our home while we were still engaged.  It was a Janome mail-order machine from the TV Guide.  When we came off our two week “camping” honeymoon, it was sitting under our college mailbox.  It was our first thing we opened as a married couple.  We didn’t even know where we were going to stay that night, but we now had a sewing machine.  We moved in that night to the house we would housesit for the summer with just a few pieces of luggage and a sewing machine.  We owned nothing else.

After almost thirty-five years of sewing everything from baby clothes to men’s suits to homeschool books, it had to be replaced.  She is now in my basement since her foot no longer works, but not after shedding a few tears of reminiscence.  She may have been simple and only had two stitches, but she was faithful to the end. She marks the beginning of a new season in our home life.

Now I eagerly await for her replacement tomorrow.  She is a big shiny model that does everything – quilting and embroidery and of course, sewing garments.  Thirty-five years ago, I never would have imaged they had these types of machines and here I am about to own one.  Wouldn’t King Solomon have thought he was magnificent if he had one of these and of course, the electricity to run it.  Thank you Mike.  You out did yourself again this year for my birthday.


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