Jeans and Machine Embroidery Testing

Testing machine embroidery designs on old jeans is great.  There is no need for stabilizer because it is so thick and there is no cost for the material, which reduces the cost of machine embroidery substantially.machine embroiderymachine embroidery

However, if I was embroidering on a non-test garment, I would still use stabilizer as the jeans do stretch, but as you can see from the pictures, there was no distortion at all from the stretch. The down-side is that these gorgeous designs really do not look very pretty when stitched out, but I can clearly see how beautiful they will be on just the right garment. They are Mary’s Graduation Dress designs from Martha Pullen.  The dress is just amazing.  Who would think that my blue jeans designs would make a dress as glamorous as that one.  That’s for another project and post when I actually turn these designs into something fabulous to wear.

But look at these poor old jeans. Not much left of them.  Now I only have an entire box 3′ x 2′ x 2′ left to use up.  I guess that’s the benefits of having nine children – so many used jeans.

jeans cut


Flower Made Without Sewing

One of my favorite machine embroidery techniques is “in-the-hoop.”  Projects that would normally require traditional sewing on a machine can get done with a touch of a button on the embroidery machine.  Of course, most times you have to buy the designs, but it is possible to create them yourself (another blog).  This flower was created completely by placing fabric on the stabilizer in the hoop and then pressing the button.  I used an inexpensive polyester sheer with a design from Anita Goodesign called Gift Rose.  Sew much fun!

fuschia flower

Tweet T-shirts

sew owl tshirtsThese t-shirts are so cute!!  Ben (on the left) is all techie devices and a computer on the bottom, whereas Jared’s (on the right) is all artistic mediums.  It is so them!  Thank you boys for letting me post your pictures. The t-shirts were $3 from Joann’s and the design was from Embroidery Library from one of their dollar sales.  I must note that the pictures are from January 2012 and the they are now grown out of these t-shirts.  I guess that will be a new post – to make pillows out of them.

First Project

thank you sewing

Here is my first project the day I brought my machine home December 2011.  It is a coaster for my husband to say thank you.  I used the camel hair from a suit coat that he had ripped the elbows and the fonts were built-in the machine.  For those of you who have been machine embroidering, you will notice that I did not cut the material after the outline stitch.  I learned that shortly thereafter.  It is so much fun learning better techniques.  It seems that this is not static – new ways are always being posted.


Welcome to this new blog about sharing machine embroidery and sewing projects with you.  I have been sewing on a new Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold for about 18 months, but I am blessed to have been sewing since I was 10.  I have a few projects  created with this machine of which I have taken pictures and will be sharing them in the order that I created them, then I will try to be current.  I would love to have you subscribe to my blog and would especially love your comments.  Please tell me what you honestly think.


For those of you who are interested, here is the original post that I wrote about my new machine that has been excerpted from our personal family blog.

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